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Ujfigura Különjárat

Ujfigura bus 

Why us?

We keep our promises

Rest assured - the price you pay is going to be the price we agreed on. There are no hidden costs.

Safety and comfort

Our drivers are experienced in both in-land and foreigh travels. Our vehicles are constantly monitored and carefully serviced.

Quality service from the beginning

Our coach arrives promptly at the requested time.

The bus is clean and is set to a pleasant temperature according to weather conditions.

We will gladly share our knowledge

If you are working on any sightseeing plans and need help, get in touch with us and we will assist you. Our knowledge is at its best when it comes to Hungary, Transylvania, Slovakia and Slovenia where we have the most experience, however don't hesitate to contact us about any other areas either. We can provide you with valuable information about accommodation, restaurants and sights.

We can connect our customers

If you would like to hire a coach but there's not enough people interested in your party in order to get a good quote per person, reach out and, if you wish, we will promote your tour on our page and amongst our connections to attract interest.

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